Case Study

How a multi billion dollar property owner saved $1.1m per year

ISPT (Investment Superannuation Property Trust) own and operate more than 150 properties with a value of over $50 billion. The properties include commercial, retail and logistics.

Savings up to $1.13M

per year

$950k a year in reduced labour costs (>1 hours per day per site)

$180K a year saved thanks to minimal key and lock replacements

“It’s paramount that the organizations we work with add real value to our business. Torus delivered an innovative key solution that took our security and efficiency to new heights”.

Facilities Manager | ISPT

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Key management across the portfolio was inefficient, frustrating and presented unacceptable security risks.

Keys were manually handled by facility managers. Staff and contractors could access keys without authorization and poor visibility of who had which ‘key set’ at any point in time. There was constant risk of keys being lost or stolen.

ACAD Security Consultants determined that there were unacceptable security risks and inefficiency, recommending that ISPT review the available options for a key management solution that would solve the risks and eliminate the wasted time and daily frustrations.

Ideally the solution would integrate to the Sine visitor management system in order to provide a single source of control for visitor and contractor compliance including their access to keys.

Solution: Automated key management and seamless integration with Sine for visitor management

Torus was selected to deliver the desired solution. Initially, a single Torus cabinet was installed at each site. The integration with Sine is elegant and provides a seamless solution for visitors and contractors to access keys. Staff and contractors are benefiting every day from this sophisticated and elegant solution – delivered by Torus and Sine.

The ISPT facility managers now have control of their keys, peace of mind and enjoy the benefits from eliminating the wasted time – with the previous solution.

The return on investment (ROI) has been remarkable.

Slashed wasted time

Eliminated costs of changing keys & locks

Remote management

Real-time accountability

Increased productivity

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