Case Study

Australian coal mine benefits from robust key management

Eliminated time spent by staff manually managing key movements

Effectively remove the risks of compliance

Easy to manage and better control of keys

“We needed a system that would manage authorization of different levels of keys and help us track key movements. Torus delivered a robust key management that allowed us to track personnel, set up alarms, notifications and even pull reports if the keys were left past a certain time. With real time SMS and email notifications we can straight away now contact the person if the key is missing. This made it so easy to operate even from off site, without compromising the security of our explosives on site”.

Site Manager, Australian coal producer

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Challenge: Key management difficulties and compliance

The existing key management system was inefficient and not effective. The systems relied on staff using paper- based registers to monitor and track key movements.

It resulted in unrestricted access to explosives and raised other compliance and risk concerns.

Solution: Effective key management system

Maintaining compliance with standard mining license 2187 (to regulate the storage, transport, and use of explosives) was at risk. The situation presented unacceptable risks to reputational damage, physical theft, and safety.

The existing key safes had generic pin codes that allowed access to all staff. Inadvertently keys were often taken offsite, in the pockets of staff who would unknowingly take them home.

Management recognised the problem and the risks presented by the existing system and turned to Torus to gain control over their keys, effectively remove the existing risks and improve efficiency of their staff.

One Torus key cabinet & software

Control and real time visibility of all keys at anytime

Alarms if keys are missing or not returned on time

Comprehensive dashboard and reporting

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