Case Study

Pullman profits in no time – saving $102K a year

Savings up to $102K
per year

$52K a year in reduced labour costs (4.5 hours per day, every day)

Up to $50K a year saved thanks to minimal key and lock replacement (based on previous years’ costs)

“Our team was wasting so much time waiting to receive and return keys at the start and end of their shifts. The managers also had to spend time tracking down missing keys, which was distracting them from their main role. On top of that, our night team always had to make sure all the keys were accounted for – which was even more time wasted! The Torus solution solved all these problems.”

Feras Ahmad| Director of Rooms – Pullman Sydney, Hyde Park

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Challenge: Ineffective key management system

When Pullman Hotel & Resorts in Hyde Park were facing serious key management challenges. Keys were being taken offsite regularly – and staff were spending excessive time trying to track them down. Often, without success. What’s more, they had no reliable means of monitoring the whereabouts of their master keys, which posed a major security and reputational risk.

It was also resulting in lost time and money. Day in, day out. For Pullman, the threat of a security incident and ongoing inefficient use of staff time was unacceptable.

Solution: Automated key control solution

We designed and delivered a configured key management system to control their approximately 150 keys, while also elevating their hotels’ safety, efficiency, and bottom line.

Two Torus key cabinets configured and installed

User training

Ongoing software support, updates and maintenance

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