Case Study

Mitigating risks and improving efficiency

US-Based hospital mitigates security risk and improves accountability

Up to $50K a year saved thanks to minimal key and lock replacement

$10k one-time investment and $1k per annum for each department.

6 hours every day @ $30 per hour

“Security and accountability are integral to the efficient running of the hospital. Torus has made a massive difference in our key management system. We’ve now more confidence that keys will not leave the site, allowing our staff to focus on delivering high-quality service to our patients.”

Security Manager, US-based children’s hospital

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Challenge: Security risks with safety implications

One of the largest children’s hospitals in the US was facing serious security risks with safety implications.

Keys were issued manually with one staff member acting as a steward that led to human errors and lost keys.

The hospital was manually managing and tracking hundreds of keys which meant that keys were always missing and their whereabouts unknown.

This presented critical health, safety, and security risks. It also created frustration and inefficient use of time for staff who were burdened with the responsibility of trying to maintain mandatory compliance requirements.

Solution: Flexible and configurable key control

It became crucial to implement effective control over master keys to ensure that they did not leave the site. They turned to Torus for a solution.

Four Torus key cabinets configured and installed

Automated 24-hour key access

Eliminated risk of re-keying

Enhanced employee productivity

Savings up to $50,800 a year

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