Elevate Campus Security with Torus’ University Key Management Solutions

Make lost keys a thing of the past

Do you struggle to keep track of all your keys as contractors come and go? Are you spending time and money rekeying and changing locks, year after year? Then let’s remedy these costly inefficiencies. With Torus, you’ll always know the real-time status of every key – from wherever you are. And that means a safer workplace for your staff and students… and peace of mind for you.

Education facilities we service

Schools & School Districts

Key features Torus offers education providers

Access activity feeds in real time – as keys come and go

Receive SMS and email alerts when keys are not returned and if unauthorised access occurs

Install Torus quickly and easily – without IT network or server frustrations

Enjoy a simple, intuitive user interface – that’s quick and easy for non-technical people to learn

Customise access levels and configure to the precise needs of each department or campus

Uphold high security at all times – never let a key fall into the wrong hands

Access responsive technical support should you encounter any issues

Integrate easily with third-party access control software using a REST API

Client story

New-found efficiencies for a large school district in the US

The challenge

Our client, a large school district in the US, operates its facilities and maintenance department from a single location.

Contractors would have to travel from site to site with multiple keys in hand. And sometimes, they would even be given the school’s master key. This resulted in:

Administrators rarely knowing who had what keys and if they were returned.

Incorrect keys being given to contractors, slowing down the completion of jobs.

Poor site security since keys could easily fall into the wrong hands.

The solution

We installed a Torus cabinet on several sites which stored keys for that site only.

The administrator configured user roles, groups and permissions – and allocated specific cabinet settings, such as the maximum ‘door open’ time allowed.

We provided training to ensure staff used the solution to its full potential.

We engaged all necessary stakeholders across departments to ensure widespread buy-in and smooth implementation.

The outcome

As keys are now stored at the location where they’re needed, they never have to leave the site – minimising risk of loss.

The school experienced a dramatic increase in operational efficiencies – and an equally impressive reduction in costs.

The school now rarely needs make copies of keys across its many sites.

Administrators now have continual key activity records for transparent and accurate tracking.

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