Enhance Hospital Security with Torus’ Electronic Key Cabinets

There’s no room for error in high-risk environments

Efficiency, safety, privacy and hygiene. These are the pillars of first-rate hospitals and medical facilities. Often operating 24/7 with multiple shifts of medical staff, contractors and vendors, risk management is non-negotiable. With Torus, you can ensure your people, equipment and drugs are always secure – with minimum exposure to human error.

Healthcare organisations we help

Medical facilities
Doctor’s clinics

Key features Torus offers healthcare providers

Access activity feeds in real time as keys come and go

Receive SMS and email alerts when keys are not returned and if unauthorised access occurs

Customise access levels and configure to the precise needs of each department or location

Ensure privacy with ISO27001 certified, encryption and secure data storage

View and share accurate reports – detailing who’s using what assets at any point in time

Eliminate manual sign-out sheets and time spent searching for missing keys

Access responsive technical support should you encounter any issues

Integrate easily with third-party access control software using a REST API

Client story

Large US hospital achieves instant efficiencies

The challenge

Our client, a large US hospital, was facing a lack of control and visibility in its key handling processes. Administrators didn’t know who had what sets of keys at any point in time.

And with budgeting and resourcing constraints, security staff were the ones tasked with handing out and tracking keys manually.

This was a high-risk situation as it took their attention away from more pressing matters.

The solution

We designed a Torus solution that considered:

The number of keys that needed to be controlled.

The best locations for keys to be stored for maximum operational efficiency.

Which staff would be authorised to access specific sets of keys.

We then nurtured our client through the process – from purchase and configuration to installation, training and support.

The outcome

Our client achieved instant efficiencies, with relevant staff able to access keys quickly and without manual sign-out sheets.

Since installing Torus, only the correct personnel can access each set of keys. An administrator sets permissions – and cabinets remove the risk of human error.

Security is now assured since keys never have to leave a site, with alarms activated when not returned.

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