Elevate Security with Torus’ Hotel Key Boxes and Cabinets

Ensuring your patrons’ utmost security

Our flexible, expandable solution is ideal for hospitality venues that need to monitor large numbers of keys, 24/7. With a tight audit trail, Torus can reduce security breaches, inefficiencies and the high costs associated with continual key loss and replacement.

Hospitality organisations we help

Restaurant chains
Gaming venues
Event and convention centres

Key features Torus offers hospitality

Access activity feeds in real time as keys come and go

Receive SMS and email alerts when keys are not returned and if unauthorised access occurs

Install Torus quickly and easily – without IT network or server frustrations

Enjoy a simple, intuitive user interface – quick and easy for non-technical people to learn

Uphold high security at all times – and never let a key fall into the wrong hands

Supervise, regulate and monitor users from anywhere in the world

Efficiency – No more manual sign-out sheets, no more time wasted searching for keys

Always keep your keys in the same place onsite, for close monitoring and control

Client story

Top-level security for a new NZ hotel site

The challenge

A well-known, global hotel chain was about to open a new site in Queenstown, New Zealand.

They sought to open their doors with comprehensive key security measures in place.

The solution

Together with our valued partner, Chubb, we designed and built a Torus solution to suit the client’s precise needs – which ensures:

Restricted key access to reflect varied levels of staff authorisation.

All keys are stored securely onsite at the end of each day.

The front office has access to alarms, reporting and process management at all times.

The outcome

Since the day its doors opened, our client has been enjoying best practice in key management across housekeeping, front office and the wider hotel staff.

The hotel does not need staff to be escorted when retrieving and returning keys – saving time and money.

Each point in the chain is managed tightly, eliminating the risk of key loss and misuse.

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