Elevate Security in Mining Operations with Torus’ Key Management System

Maintain a safe, accountable mining environment

Locking up explosives. Controlling access to dangerous equipment. Ensuring staff hold adequate and current licences. We know that safety is of utmost importance when managing keys in the mining industry. That’s where Torus comes in. We make it easy to uphold a safe and secure working environment – 24/7.

Mining businesses we help

Key features Torus offers mining businesses

Access activity feeds in real time as keys come and go

Receive SMS and email alerts when keys are not returned and if unauthorised access occurs

Enjoy a simple, intuitive user interface – quick and easy for non-technical people to learn

Customise access levels and configure to the precise needs of each department or location

Uphold high security at all times – and never let a key fall into the wrong hands

Ensure privacy with ISO27001 certified, encryption and secure data storage

View and share accurate reports – detailing who’s using what assets at any point in time

Control, monitor and time record access to dangerous equipment and confined spaces

Client story

Safety-first culture upheld by global mining company

The challenge

Our client is a global mining company with a large, complex portfolio of vehicles and facilities.

With a safety-first culture, the business is intensely focused on the way it manages its buildings, vehicles and equipment – and of course, its people.

Understanding the importance of efficient and reliable key handling processes, the client approached Ruswin – a trusted Torus partner – to design and deliver the right solution.

The solution

Torus and Ruswin worked together to design a best-in-class key management solution for this ever-changing workplace.

Following our comprehensive training and support, Ruswin scoped the project in detail – and delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

Linked with the Fatigue Management System, Torus was rolled out across multiple sites, enabling a truly integrated solution.

The outcome

Only authorised personnel now have access to certain keys – which has improved safety and staff compliance dramatically.

Decision makers and administrators now have access to live, accurate reporting and alarm functionality.

The client improved efficiencies and cut costs with the instant removal of its manual handling and key tracking processes.

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