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Episode 1: As the pandemic recedes in a swathe of consumer-centric industries like retail, hospitality, education and healthcare, Security TV explores how organisations are approaching security, safety, costs and productivity as customers and employees return to in person experiences. 

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Episode 2: One area where convergence of physical and digital security is strongest is where technology is used to control who can get in and out of buildings …  think remote management, automation, mobile keys or biometrics.  We decided to take a deep dive into what’s happening with tech and access control …

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Episode 3: In a regular feature, we take a look at  the tech products trends and products on the scene in North America right now.

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Episode 4: In our Security TV spotlight feature, we take a deep dive into specific sectors, threats or issues.   In this episode we take a look at how educational leaders are managing security and safety in a time of unprecedented industry challenges.   

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Episode 5: Anu Anand talks to four industry experts about how the physical and digital worlds of security are converging – driven by new ways of working and advances in technology. 

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Episode 6: In this regular feature our security experts take a look at bad actors, novel threats and innovative solutions in the Security world.

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Episode 7: As businesses and organisations grapple with issues like supply chain and tight labour markets, not to mention spiralling energy prices and inflation, everyone has their eye on increasing returns and saving money. We go inside the search for returns in Security Tech.

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About Security TV and Torus

Security TV breaks down the complex world of security technology – in bite-sized episodes.

Spanning verticals from education to manufacturing, this unique web series tells the industry’s stories from human perspectives.

In each episode, you’ll hear from security experts, analysts, innovators, academics and industry personalities.

You’ll gain invaluable insights into an evolving work culture.

And you’ll leave with actionable, best-practice takeaways.

At such a transformative time in history, Security TV offers invaluable insights into today’s rapid social and technological changes.

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