Transitioning to Torus? Here’s how to get your team on board – and excited!

So you’ve decided to install Torus in your organisation. Congratulations – your workplace is about to be transformed.

But before you and your team can fully reap the benefits, you’ll need to navigate the transition from your old key processes to Torus.

Here’s what you need to know to get it right.

Expect some growing pains at first

It’s no secret that most people are resistant to change – even if that change is ultimately for the better.

This might be especially true for senior or long-term staff, whose ways of operating will be deeply ingrained in their everyday work.

So when you’re changing any long-standing business processes, such as key management, there’s going to be a period of adjustment involved.

And if it’s not handled well, this transitional time can lead to confusion, frustration and, potentially, non-compliance. That’s why communication must be clear, consistent and empathetic.

Put your people’s minds at ease

Every organisation manages keys differently, but for most workplaces we come across, it’s common practice for many staff members to carry keys on their person at all times.

When this is the case, it’s easy for these staff to become attached to their keys. And we don’t just mean physically.

It may sound odd, but it makes perfect sense. Because their keys are always with them, they feel empowered to enter anywhere they need to at any time. Naturally, keys can come to symbolise importance.

So before your workplace introduces Torus, be sure your team understands that no one is taking their keys away.

Above all, you’ll want to stress that their keys are not being confiscated.

Leave no room for surprises

Communicate clearly and early that Torus is being installed in your workplace.

By giving everyone plenty of notice about the transition, you will save your team – and yourself – headaches down the road.

Don’t lead with processes and instructions at this time.

People might have plenty of questions – so before you get to the logistics, be sure to explain why you’re transitioning to Torus.

Getting clear on your ‘why’

If you’ve been one of the decision-makers involved in introducing Torus into your workplace, you already know the many benefits it will bring .

But not everyone will see that right away. Especially if you don’t communicate it effectively.

Electronic key management is new to most people. And that means that Torus will be new to them, too. So, please explain how switching to Torus will benefit your workplace – including:

  • The tightened security will allow everyone to rest a little easier 
  • The ease of access, at anytime,  will please everyone
  • With fewer missing keys, replacements, and expenses, will be minimised

But don’t stop there.

Explain what’s in it for them, too

It’s just as important, if not more so, that your staff understand how Torus will benefit them personally. For starters:

  • Hygienic: With fewer keys being handled and no more human-to-human contact, Torus limits the spread of potential illness – leading to a safer, healthier working environment.
  • Improved safety risks by removing the custody of keys from an individual
  • Intuitive: Torus is quick to learn and easy to use.
  • Helpful: Torus sends automated SMSs to remind people when keys are due to be returned, keeping day-to-day key processes smooth and stress-free.

Plus, each person will benefit in unique ways.

For example, your security and reception staff, who might have been in charge of keys, will have more time for higher-value tasks. And contractors will no longer need to travel to a central location then wait around for someone to give them keys before they then travel to the location where they actually use the keys.

This broader understanding will help you plan how you’re going to introduce the solution.

Will you put all keys into your cabinets straightaway – or rollout gradually, moving from department to department or site to site?

Share your plan so your people know what to expect.

Above all, be sure to communicate that the technology is there to make their life easier and take a load off of their minds.

And reassure them that no one is at fault for any poor key management up until this point – it is difficult to avoid with very manual processes.

That’s why Torus exists.

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