Optimize Security for Utility Providers with Torus’ Key Cabinets

Best practice asset management – for critical service providers

Tracking and controlling keys across thousands of locations and personnel has always been a challenge for energy, water and telco providers. But thanks to Torus, smart and secure key management is now in reach. Discover how you can automate your utility business’ key handling processes – with ease and efficiency.

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Key features Torus offers the utility sector

Receive SMS and email alerts when keys are not returned and if unauthorised access occurs

Install Torus quickly and easily – without IT network or server frustrations

Enjoy a simple, intuitive user interface – quick and easy for non-technical people to learn

View and share accurate reports – detailing who’s using what assets at any point in time

Eliminate manual sign-out sheets and time spent searching for missing keys

Keep your keys onsite in the same place at all times for close monitoring and control

Control, monitor and time access to dangerous equipment and confined spaces

Access responsive technical support should you encounter any issues

Client story

Major Australian brand addresses risk and security challenges

The challenge

Our client is a major utilities brand with hundreds of locations across Australia.

As a critical service provider to the national population, 24/7 continuity and best-practice risk management are a must.

Accordingly, the client needed a solution that would allow administrators to manage keys for buildings, vehicles and other assets – efficiently and securely.

Comprehensive auditing, alerting and real time reporting were also critical requirements.

The solution

We worked with the business to design a best-in-class solution to address their security and risk management challenges.

With strong collaboration and planning, we worked with senior stakeholders to map out their needs and design a bespoke solution that considered:

Multiple sites across geographically disparate locations.

The significant volume of staff and contractor movements.

Continual fleet movements.

The outcome

After installing Torus, our client achieved centralised control and supervision of all key movements and locations.

Decision makers and administrators now have access to live, accurate reporting and alarm functionality across sites – from anywhere in the world.

Staff and contractors no longer need to travel to collect keys since cabinets are installed across sites.

Staff and contractors now sign out keys according to pre-determined permissions – for maximum security and cost-control.

The business has achieved new efficiencies across the board with the removal of manual key handling and tracking processes.

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