Case Study

DPS enhances security and safety by automating key management

Denver Public Schools (DPS) consists of over 200 schools – including traditional, magnet, charter, and pathways schools – with an enrolment of over 90,000 students and 10,000 employees.

2700 hours per year

Continued savings year after year

135 hours of improved labor efficiency per cabinet each year

“By eliminating our manual handling of keys, Torus has greatly improved our security and efficiency. We no longer have the frustration of keys going missing and our administrative time has been significantly reduced. If keys are not returned at the end of each day, my team is notified instantly via SMS and email”.

Rich Archuletta | Executive Director of Facilities Management |  DPS

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Challenge: Manual key management leading to lost keys

Managing keys across 200+ buildings was a significant challenge. The process was inefficient, frustrating, and raised security concerns for students, staff, and school assets. The keys were controlled manually, resulting in a waste of time and resources.

Facilities personnel spent many hours trying to manage keys manually, causing great frustration. In many cases, critical keys were not readily available when staff or contractors needed them, resulting in a cascade of multiple senior personnel, sometimes up to the superintendent, being recruited to locate them.

Solution: Automated key management system

To ensure school-wide safety and security, and to boost operational efficiency, DPS turned to Torus. With Torus cabinets strategically located across their many buildings, keys are always available when needed and secured when not in use.

DPS administrators now have complete control of who can access important keys, and when. If keys are not returned, a series of real-time notifications are sent from the Torus software ensuring accountability and prompt return of the keys. Now that their keys are automated, DPS is saving an enormous amount of time every year.

20 x Torus cabinets configured and installed, with many more to come

Eliminated wasted time and contractor fees

Improved staff productivity

Improved security for students, staff and assets

135 hours of improved labor efficiency per cabinet each year

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