Case Study

From inefficiency to impact

How an award-winning property group regained control of its keys

Savings up to $80K
per year

$50K a year in reduced labour costs (2.5 hours per day, 6 days a week)

$30K a year through avoiding key and lock replacements

“It’s paramount that the organisations we work with add real value to our business. Torus delivered an innovative key solution that took our security and efficiency to new heights.”

Regional Facilities Manager

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Australia’s biggest property group’s key management was extremely inefficient. Not an ideal situation for any organisation – but especially one that needs to secure a huge volume of keys across an expansive property portfolio.

Although the impact of this inefficiency spread far and wide, the biggest cost was undeniable: people’s time.

Employees and contractors were wasting hours travelling (just to collect and return keys from a central location).

Security personnel were escorting people from site to site to keep keys from going astray. And admin staff were constantly on the phone chasing up missing keys. That’s not to mention the double-handling when it came to providing building access, maintenance and cleaning services.

And with no way to monitor who had what keys, or when, the threat of a security risk was simply too high.

Solution: Flexible and configurable key control

It was clear they needed Torus. After learning about their unique challenges in detail, we configured a solution that would give them complete key control across their sites – with significant savings on multiple fronts.

Saved $14K per site (plus $1.2K per year)

Slashed travel time

Boosted job satisfaction

Manage key access for staff and contractors remotely

Improved security through real-time visibility and accountability

Better contractor management

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