Case Study

How Boston university overcame disparate systems and improved security

Boston University, the biggest university in Massachusetts, has over 37,000 students from 140 countries and more than 10,000 employees. It spans across three campuses and includes 17 schools and colleges.

Up to $700K a year saved

Reduced labor costs (10.35 hours per day across multiple stakeholders, 5 days a week)

ROI = 9 months

Torus and CCure integrated platform gives complete visibility and control over keys and users. The university management now has consolidated information, accurate data, and effective alarms and monitoring systems. Most importantly, this has instilled confidence in the information they’re working with, and can see Torus as a valuable asset for the university’s security infrastructure“.

Minuteman security and Life Safety

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Challenge: Disparate access control systems

The security team at Boston University faced challenges in monitoring campus security and operations from a single platform. Despite using another key management system, it lacked tight and reliable integration with CCure 9000. With the information spread across disparate systems, it was difficult to create accurate reports which resulted in poor oversight and a loss of control over important keys.

Not only this, but it also raised security concerns for university-wide critical assets and forced security personnel to spend hours trying to understand data from multiple systems. The lack of real-time data and integration among various systems led to manual data entry and reconciliation of reports.

Solution: Integrated key management system

Management realized they needed a new key management system with seamless integration to CCure 9000. They turned to Torus and a total of 10 Torus key cabinets have been installed to date.

Torus + CCure 9000 integrated solution provides the university with a single platform to manage user credentials and manage access to keys. With an integrated platform, they now effectively monitor keys and ensure only authorized personnel have access to them – and only when required. Moreover, they always know who the last user was, in case the keys or equipment is damaged or lost.

10 x Torus cabinets configured and installed

Enterprise solution

Management from a single platform (Software House)

Real-time alerts via SMS and email

Reduced administrative burden

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