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Our team was wasting so much time waiting to receive and return keys at the start and end of their shifts. The managers also had to spend time tracking down missing keys, which was distracting them from their main role. On top of that, our night team always had to make sure all the keys were accounted for – which was even more time wasted! The Torus solution solved all these problems.

Feras Ahmad | Director of Rooms

Pullman Sydney, Hyde Park

It’s paramount that the organisations we work with add real value to our business. Torus delivered an innovative key solution that took our security and efficiency to new heights.

Regional Facilities Manager

An award-winning property developer

Torus provided a seamless solution for visitors and contractors to access keys. The ISPT facility managers now have control of their keys, peace of mind and enjoy the benefits from eliminating the wasted time.

Facilities Manager


We needed a system that would manage authorization of different levels of keys and help us track key movements. Torus delivered a robust key management that allowed us to track personnel, set up alarms, notifications and even pull reports if the keys were left past a certain time. With real time SMS and email notifications we can straight away now contact the person if the key is missing. This made it so easy to operate even from off site, without compromising the security of our explosives on site.

Site Manager

Australian coal producer

Security and accountability are integral to the efficient running of the hospital. Torus has made a massive difference in our key management system. We’ve now more confidence that keys will not leave the site, allowing our staff to focus on delivering high-quality service to our patients.

Security Manager

US-based children’s hospital



Control your key cabinets from one central platform.

Securing the world’s workplaces with exceptional tech

Quick to install

No software installation and no local servers are required. Cabinets have DHCP, PoE and 4G available.

Easy to use

Torus cabinets and software are easy to use – no training is required.

Remote key control

Make fast, informed decisions with insightful dashboards and reports. Anywhere, Anytime!

SMS and email alerts

Resolve security risks faster and keep the right people informed.

Certified Security

Best practice encryption and identity management, including multi-factor authentication and OTP.

A solution for the future

With over-the-air updates, the Torus solution keeps evolving making it a smart long term investment.


Perfect for organisations with multiple locations, nationally or internationally.


Mitigate security risks and make informed decisions with an automated key control system. Our modern key cabinets and smart software allow you to securely and efficiently manage your keys and assets – with a rapid return on investment. 

Monitor, manage and control your keys on a single platform. Our intuitive dashboard gives real-time updates and helps achieve enhanced visibility and accountability over your workplace.

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Our ‘plug and play’ key cabinets protect your keys, assets and people. Available in four sizes, these securely connect to Torus software via the internet maintaining a detailed key control log.

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Get the most out of your Torus solution which is widely available using our partner network. Ongoing service and support are provided by our partners and the highly experienced team at Torus.

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Smarter key control in the workplace is now in reach

Is poor key control plaguing your workplace?

With this eGuide, you’ll be well on your way to a more efficient, secure, safe and productive workplace for all.

What’s inside:

Key audits (and why they matter)

Creating a tailored key hierarchy

The secret to key bunching

Clear ground rules for better key control


Years in high-security key management


Technology integrations



About our business

Torus is a leading global provider of smart key management solutions.

Founded in Australia in 2001, our business is committed to helping secure and automate the management of the world’s keys. That’s why we developed Torus.

Known for exceptional customer service and a strong partnership network, Torus is a proud global leader in its field.


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Ep 06: It’s time to move the focus from Automation tech to the threats organisations face from both outsiders and insiders. With the increasing sophistication levels of bad actors, how are organisations thinking about risk from an Access control perspective?

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Ep 05: AI is just about the hottest tech topic in the world right now. Looking beyond the hype are there practical applications for Access Control? How does AI help with all this data that organisations need to be on top of?

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