Optimize Fleet Security with Torus’ Key Management Solutions

Where accountability and safety are a must

When managing large fleets of vehicles, ensuring the right driver has access to the right vehicle is imperative – for both accountability and safety. With Torus, only authorised personnel will ever have access to pre-determined keys and vehicles – helping you keep track of your people and assets at all times.

Transport and fleet operators we service

Logistics providers
Local councils
Automotive dealerships

Key features Torus offers transport and fleet operators

Access activity feeds in real time – as keys come and go

Enjoy a simple, intuitive user interface – quick and easy for non-technical people to learn

Uphold high security at all times – and never let a key fall into the wrong hands

View and share accurate reports – detailing who’s using what assets at any point in time

Eliminate manual sign-out sheets and time spent searching for missing keys

Control, monitor and time record access to dangerous equipment and confined spaces

Access responsive technical support should you encounter any issues

Integrate easily with third-party access control software using a REST API

Client story

Vehicle fleet operator wins dramatic new efficiencies

The challenge

Our client owns an extensive vehicle fleet as part of its day-to-day business operations.

However, each time a vehicle was required for a job, staff would simply choose any key – and consequently, any vehicle – they wanted. This meant:

Anyone could take any type of vehicle – regardless of whether they held the right licence.

There was no record of who was with which vehicle at any point in time.

It was near impossible to trace vehicle damages and traffic infringements back to their offenders.

The solution

We designed a Torus solution that considered:

The number of keys that needed to be controlled.

Time zone restrictions required for keys of certain vehicles (e.g. 7am-12pm).

The type of data and reports that would be most valuable and relevant to senior stakeholders.

The outcome

Our client now stores its keys in a central location – and drivers no longer waste time searching for what they need.

Drivers can now only access the vehicles they are authorised to drive.

The business can now trace incidences of speeding tickets and vehicle damage back to specific drivers.

Management is enjoying true transparency on who takes which keys and where key are located at any point in time.

Business operations are dramatically more efficient across the board.

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