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DPS enhances security and safety by automating key management
  • 2700 hours per year
  • Continued savings year after year
  • 135 hours of improved labor efficiency per cabinet each year
How Boston University overcame disparate systems and improved security
  • Up to $700K a year saved
  • Reduced labor costs (10.35 hours per day across multiple stakeholders, 5 days a week)
  • ROI = 9 months
US-Based hospital mitigates security risk and improves accountability
  • 6 hours every day @ $30 per hour
  • $10k one-time investment and $1k per annum for each department.
  • Up to $50K a year saved thanks to minimal key and lock replacement

Key Management Frustrations

Managing and controlling your keys can be a nightmare, especially when you are talking hundreds or even thousands of keys and multiple sites. You risk not knowing where all your keys are at any moment or who has them. Then there are the inefficiencies, unnecessary travel, contractor fees, and overtime payments, missing keys, and emergency replacements, and theft and loss.

Manage your keys with ease

Protect assets, reduce key management costs, and eliminate unauthorized access – all from a single platform. Streamline day-to-day key management tasks with automation.

Torus works using Mobile Wallet

See how Torus works using Mobile Wallet credentials powered by SwiftConnect and HID.

Torus Brochure

Take a look at Torus key cabinet to gain control of your keys.

Torus flyer

Get a quick overview of Torus cabinet, software and integrations.

Torus Education flyer

Key management in the education sector


Torus receives LenelS2 Factory certification

Torus today announced that it has received LenelS2 factory certification and joined the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP).

Dispersion – the next big wave of business disruption

Globalisation and the impact of technology have had huge impacts on the way we live and work. The digitization of business processes alone has transformed…

Rethinking security in the education sector

The sudden and dramatic impact of the pandemic on the education sector could not have been anticipated. Yet teachers, lecturers and education administrators and support…

Smarter key control in the workplace is now in reach

Is poor key control plaguing your workplace?

With this eGuide, you’ll be well on your way to a more efficient, secure, safe and productive workplace for all.

What’s inside:

Key audits (and why they matter)

Creating a tailored key hierarchy

The secret to key bunching

Clear ground rules for better key control