Key Management Frustrations

Managing and controlling your keys can be a nightmare, especially when you are talking hundreds or even thousands of keys and multiple sites. You risk not knowing where all your keys are at any moment or who has them. Then there are the inefficiencies, unnecessary travel, contractor fees, and overtime payments, missing keys, and emergency replacements, and theft and loss.

Manage your keys with ease

Protect assets, reduce key management costs, and eliminate unauthorized access – all from a single platform. Streamline day-to-day key management tasks with automation.

ACS at ISC WEST 2024

A conversation with Torus – by Lee Odess

Torus + ZKTeco integration

Integrated key management system & access control

Torus works using Mobile Wallet

See how Torus works using Mobile Wallet credentials powered by SwiftConnect and HID.

Torus at ACS23 Panel

Verticals in Focus: Exploring Opportunities and Trends in Physical Access Control and Smart Locks Across Commercial Real Estate, Enterprise, and Multifamily Markets.

Torus at CREtech New York 2023

See how Torus is making key management easy.

Torus at GSX 2023

Here’s a quick insider view on all the Torus action

Torus key management solution

Does your workplace manage hundreds, if not thousands, of keys, cards and access tags? Are you losing and replacing them all too often? But what if you could have complete control of your organisation’s keys? Say hello to Torus: a high-security IoT solution that automates your key processes for total peace of mind.

Key automation Webinar

Check out our latest webinar on Interoperability, automation, and a new approach to keys.

Torus key management IoT solution

See Torus in action – Demo Video

Learn the features, functionality, and benefits of Torus to automate key management.