Case Study

How ISPT achieved a 2 month return-on-investment

ISPT (Investment Superannuation Property Trust) own and operate more than 150 properties with a value of over $50 billion. The properties include commercial, retail and logistics. This case study covers 13 sites across Victoria (shopping centers, entertainment precincts and lifestyle destinations).

Savings up to $610K
per year

$550k a year in reduced labour costs (2 hours per day)

$60K a year saved thanks to minimal key and lock replacements

“It’s paramount that the organizations we work with add real value to our business. Torus delivered an innovative key solution that took our security and efficiency to new heights”.

Facilities Manager | ISPT

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Many people require access to keys every day – contractors, cleaners, security and other personnel. Previously each key set was manually issued, a time consuming and frustrating process.

It was often not known who had the keys, where they were and if they were going to be returned. Facility Managers wasted hours handing out keys and travelling to different sites to retrieve them.

The audit trail was an inaccurate, handwritten log.

Solution: Automated key management and seamless integration with Sine for visitor management

ACAD Security Consultants selected Torus to solve the manifest issues of inefficiency and risk. A Torus cabinet was installed at each site and integrated with Sine for visitor management. After checking in with Sine, each visitor can only access their required keys. ISPT facility managers now enjoy a seamless solution with remote management, SMS alerts and the highest levels of security. They always know who has taken the keys and the frustrations have been eliminated.

Slashed wasted time

Eliminated costs of changing keys & locks

Remote management

Real-time accountability

Increased productivity

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