Case Study

How South Dakota achieved a 4.4 month ROI

The mission of the South Dakota Department of Corrections (SD DoC) is to protect citizens by providing safe and secure facilities for offenders.

Up to $816K a year saved

$3.8m productivity gains over 5 years

ROI = 4.4 months

“We no longer need staff members to issue keys before and after every shift. Torus and Gallagher Command Centre provides us with the highest level of security and efficiency for managing our keys”.

SD Doc

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Challenge: Inefficient and time-consuming key management process

At SD DoC, it is essential that they manage keys securely and efficiently. However, the key management process was inefficient, frustrating, and time-consuming. Control room personnel spent hours manually issuing and receiving keys from hundreds of staff and contractors across two shifts, daily. In addition, there wasn’t an audit trial or ability to report on who had what keys at any point in time.

Often, critical keys were missing when staff or contractors needed them, with senior personnel being required to locate them.

Solution: Integrated key management system

To gain control over their key management SD DoC turned to Torus and Gallagher Security. Torus cabinets were installed at facilities in the location where the staff and contractors need access to keys. Keys are now available when needed and secured when not.

Torus and Gallagher Security delivered an enterprise-grade solution that met the State’s strict requirements for data management, security, and segmented administrative roles. Command Centre controls permissions and credentials for every person who has access to keys. Now, the Security Manager(s) only need to maintain personnel records and access permissions within Command Centre. And Torus enables all reporting on key usage events to be performed in Command Centre.

15 Torus cabinets configured and installed

Integrated Gallagher Command Centre enterprise solution

Improved staff productivity

Detailed reporting and audit trail

Improved security for staff and contractors

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